Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Here are two ways to say THANK YOU to the Board of Education for creating the Office of Multiple Pathways

Dear Board of Education in Rhode Island

RE:  Thank you for creating the Office of Multiple Pathways

Attn:  Chairman

I'm a high school teacher in Florida.  I want my students to have "multiple pathways" to graduation.  When I heard about your board's work to create the office of multiple pathways, I told my students that there is some hope for students in the future.  

In particular, we are heartened to know that somewhere in the USA, some students can earn a high school diploma with exhibitions and portfolios .... and their scores on standarized tests won't hold them back.

Some of my students have volunteered to lobby WHOMEVER about giving the Department of Education in Florida the authority to create a similar OFFICE OF MULTIPLE PATHWAYS in our state.

In GREAT appreciation of the significant amount of time that you will spend in the future helping us, 

and to celebrate the existence of your office and its mission,

our class wants to offer you and your schools some prizes and surprises.

FOR YOUR Council on Elementary and Secondary Education:  A package of healthy snacks

FOR THE STAFF PEOPLE who will work on setting rubrics and standards for judging the portfolios and exhibitions:  Here are some energy bars to distribute to staffers who are working developing the standards for portfolios and exhibitions.   

Please distribute the energy bars to your staff people who will probably work long hours to figure out how to evaluate portfolios and exhibitions. 

Our students have been studying the PORTFOLIOS at HIGH TECH HIGH schools.
We hope that Rhode Island students will follow the example of HIGH TECH HIGH students and use Google Sites and Weebly to display their work publicly.

We particularly like the work of Ben Staley www.TINYURL.com/ExampleDP  and  Abel Thon www.TINYURL.com/AbelSite, students at High Tech High Schools

Thank you for your time.

Please accept these gifts with our gratitude for assistance you can give Florida in setting up an Office of Multiple Pathways.

Steve McCrea
Free Website Project


LINK to the Statement by the Board of Education
Key points:   The Council on Elementary and Secondary Education tonight (October 11) unanimously approved revisions to the Rhode Island graduation requirements that give students more personalized “ownership” over their high-school diploma.

The revisions to the Secondary School Regulations eliminate the use of standardized assessments as a statewide graduation requirement. 

The revised regulations retain the requirement that graduating students demonstrate proficiency through a “performance-based assessment,” such as a senior project, exhibition, or portfolio of work. For the first time the regulations specify that the scoring criteria for these assessments must be “aligned with high-school, level state-adopted content standards and applied learning standards.”

LINK to the article on Providence JOURNAL newspaper


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