Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What books will help teachers become ADVISORS? What books will help students become INDEPENDENT LEARNERS? What will help create the PERSONALIZED EDUCATION?

Personalized education happens when teachers resist the "command and control" and instead "Commend and Listen."   

Joe DeMarino's book Personalized Learning (available on Amazon with LARGE SECTIONS availalbe in the "Look Inside" feature) covers some of the attitudes of the teachers who encourage students to personalize their expereicne in High School.   See the link at TinyURL.com/demartinopersonalized and  TINYURL.com/sunpersonalized

Here are some of the excerpts.   The introduction is heart-breaking.  The section about attitudes of teachers who promote personalized learning comes below.  Keep scrolling until you hit the words "ATTITUDES OF TEACHERS"



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